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Club 757


Club 757 is a new club formed by the merger of TVA Youth programs and Coastal Volleyball Club. 

Although new in its name, TVA Executive Director Kristina Wojieck-Stein and Club 757 Director Anna Moreno-Allison are no strangers to the volleyball world. 

Together they have more than 30 years of Collegiate and Club experience bringing their motto "make a difference" a reality in the Tidewater Area.  

Club 757  is the ONLY club in the 757 that offers a DUO program - indoor and beach - headed by former PSU player Matt Mclaren. 

"Tidewater Volleyball Association has been a staple in the Hampton roads area for more than 50 years- we have always offered adult programs and recreational youth, it seemed natural to embark into the competitive club world both indoor and on the sand. We look forward to continuing to make a difference in the volleyball community in our area" Stein-Wojieck.