Tournament Formats

(subject to change ONLY by the tournament director on site) 

Double Elimination Formats

All Winner's Bracket Matches and first round of contenders are guaranteed Best of three sets to 21 points - 3rd set to 15 points if necessary.

The remaining contenders matches may either be One game to 28 points or best of three sets to 21 points - 3rd set to 15 points depending on the size of the tournament.  Changing the format is up to the discretion of the tournament director.

We also use the Olympic Crossover/AVP Crossover format for Semi's. The two teams who remain undefeated going into semi's will play the two remaining teams from the contender's bracket and the tournament will now become a "Single Elimination" bracket from this point on as seen on the AVP Pro Tour.

Pool Play Formats

  • Pools of Four or Five Teams:
    • Single Games to 21 points
    • Will be Played on One to Two Courts
  • Pools of Six or Seven Teams:
    • Games to 18 points on
    • Will be Played on Two to Three courts
  • If there are multiple pools within a division with different team counts, points needed to win will change
    • Ex. Pool of Four will play to 28 points & Pool of Five will play to 21 points
    • This will ensure that teams in both pools play approximately the same number of points.

Single Elimination Playoffs

Following Pool Play teams will play in a SINGLE ELIMINATION PLAYOFF BRACKET. Depending on the size of the tournament, the playoffs may be split up into a LOWER and UPPER Bracket depending on the circumstances of how the pools were created and the number of teams participating

  • Each team's first are guaranteed best of three games to 21 points - Third Set to 15 points if necessary
  • If there are multiple pools, teams in the first round will play a team from a different pool
    • If a lower seed happens to beat a higher seed in this first round and there are teams with BYEs, this may mean that the team with a BYE will end up playing someone from their pool.
  • If there are TWO POOLS - Playoff placement will be predetermined based on your ranking coming
  • If there are MORE THAN TWO POOLS, we will take your win loss record and point differential into consideration when seeding the playoff brackets. We will also take into consideration, pool replay prevention.