• AVP Beach Rules; used by AVP, AVP America, USAV & TVA
  • Starting 2015 we do not follow the new net rules. Touching any part of the net inside the antennas is a violation.
  • Oversets: balls cannot be deliberately overset unless the ball goes forward or backward perpendicular to the player’s position as determined by shoulder and foot position. Balls can be set over the net if unintentional; referees will determine the setter’s intent.
  • Only one toss per service attempt.
  • Double Contact Violations
    • From FIVB Rule Book:
        • The ball may touch any part of the body.
        • The ball must be hit, not caught or thrown. It can rebound in any direction.
        • Exceptions:
          • In defensive action of a hard driven ball. In this case, the ball can be held momentarily overhand with the fingers.
          • If simultaneous contacts by the two opponents leads to a "held ball". 
        • The ball may touch various parts of the body, only if the contacts take place simultaneously.
        • Exceptions
          • At blocking, consecutive contacts by one or more blockers are authorized, provided that they occur during one action.
          • At the first hit of the team, unless it is played overhand using fingers, the ball may contact various parts of the body consecutively, provided that the contacts occur during one action. 
  • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​TVA reads this as double hits are allowed on any 1st ball over the net if taken with open hands as long as finger action is not used to control direction of bal
  • Players cannot interfere with a ball that is hit into the net from the other side. It is legal for a ball to hit a player through the net. However, if the player deliberately touches a ball hit into the net from the other side, a net violation will be assessed.
  • Players may run through an opponent’s court to play a shanked ball but they may not interfere with players on the opposite side of the court. Such a ball must be passed back into play without crossing the net. A ball may only cross the net once in the 3 hits allowed to a team.


CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH PRIZE RULE: In order for a team to receive a cash prize, the Championship Match must be played. If a team cannot begin the championship match, they will be replaced with the team they defeated in the semi-final match and will also forfeit their right to the prize money for 2nd place. They will still receive the prize money for 3rd place.

CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH INJURY RULE: If a team or player is believed to feign an injury in the championship match to avoid playing the entirety of the match, they must provide a physician's notice to Tidewater Volleyball Association confirming the injury in order to receive the cash prize. Failure to provide the confirmation of the injury from a certified doctor/physician will result in a forfeiture of the teams cash prize.


  • Tidewater Volleyball will back referees calls 100%. Only rule interpretations can be appealed to the tournament or competition director. We will back all yellow and red cards handed out by referees. We expect players to respect the players refereeing.
  • No swearing, drinking alcohol, using controlled substances or making racial or derogatory comments at any time
  • No alcohol on the beach as per City of Virginia Beach Ordinance
  • All City of Virginia Beach Ordinances must be followed at all times
  • Fighting is not permissible at any time and may result in a 1 year ban from participating in any tournaments
  • Players may be given a warning or thrown out of the based on the severity of the event
  • Once you register for a division, you may not play in LOWER level without permission from the tournament director. Exception: If you register for OPEN, you MUST play OPEN. You cannot drop to a lower level.
  • We do not offer cash refunds. We offer vouchers for future tournaments.
  • Please see our inclement weather policy about weather cancellations