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757 Beach

757 Beach Year-Round Volleyball Program


  • 3 practices a week
  • Training from November to the end of June
  • July National Championship Training and Coaching is available to participants only in this program
  • Coaching at local and travel tournaments specified on schedule
  • Year-round gear package  included with additional items
  • Age group 16u and up (players that finished their 15s indoor and or 16s)

Cost: $2800 - includes practices, 757Beach gear and all scheduled tournament coaching (does not include travel or tournament entry fees).  Additional gear will be available for purchase based on which style the player wants.

There is an option to sign up per session. We are offering a programs that run from November- March ($1500)  and another that runs from March-June ($1500).

***It is our strong recommendation that players that are 16u continue to play BOTH, so we can better access their development and make recommendations on which path to follow. 757Beach and Club 757 will continue to offer 16u players programs that will prepared them to be successful on the court, on the sand or both!(players 16u that want to play in the year around beach will need to go through an assessment)***

For those planning to play Beach year around and want to be a part of this elite program contact

For those planning to tryout for indoor club teams: If you are planning to attend tryouts for indoor, and want to do both-  please let us know and we will provide you our Duo Program offer, which will allow you to play Club757 Indoor and attend 757Beach practices and competition around your indoor schedule. THIS OFFER IS ONLY VALID FOR CLUB757 PLAYERS.  (Cost will be different from the year around program)- Cost: 1000

For players in middle school. Middle school volleyball will start earlier because of their schedule. We will offer 3 different sessions for the group. Session 1 September 12th-December 19th with practices twice a week.  Session 2 January-April with 1 practice a week. Finally  Session 3 May-June with practices two times a week. 
Session 1 cost: $560
Session 2 cost: $560
Session 3 cost: $560
DUO cost: $1000- Club757 Players only- 

Bottom line - we will not force you to choose between playing indoor and beach until you are ready to do so!

If you have questions please feel free to email us: for DUO program info and for 757Beach Club.

2023-2024 Practice Schedule:

~ September- November: Sunday, Tuesday (middle school)

~ November - April: Sunday (5:00-7:00), Monday (4:15-6:15),  Wednesday(4:15-6:15)

~ May-June: Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday 

~ DUO:  November - April - 1x week Mondays
                    May-June - 3x week

Pairings: Players will be networking their own partner within the 757 Beach roster for tournament play. The 757 Beach coaches will offer partner suggestions as the season progresses and will assist any players needing to secure a partner.

-We do not recommend pre-locking a partner prior to the season. It is in the player’s best interest to network various team-mates for partnerships.

We will have assessments to appropriately place players in groups corresponding to their skill level. Sign up using the link below
Date: Oct 22nd

Please use the 2022-2023 Tournament Schedule as a tentative tournament schedule for the 2023-2024 season: 

November  – East Coast Championship
December  – TVA Tournament
January – p1440 Futures Tour - Fort Lauderdale, FL
February – TVA Tournament
March  – TVA Tournament
March  – Drivable Tournament
April – TVA Tournament
April  – Drivable Tournament
May – NCAA Beach Fest - Gulf Shores, AL
May – Drivable Tournament
June  – p1440 $1500 Triple Crown Championships & Showcase - VA Beach, VA
June - AVP Pro Tournament Series
July - National Championship*

*Additional Cost contingent on location.